Center for Language & Research

Learn a new language, delve into a research topic, and support our projects!

Dar Si Hmad’s Center for Language Training and Research Support

is host to many valuable researchers, language students, and interns. Our unique location on the coast of southwest Morocco makes DSH a perfect host organization for delving into innovative research projects, learning local Amazigh dialects, and working with a dynamic, growing NGO engaged in meaningful work.

Our CELAR Commitment

All participants at our Center for Language and Research Support, including researchers, interns, and language students, can have Dar Si Hmad organize their housing, either with a homestay family, in an apartment, or in a hotel, and provide airport pickup and drop-off. Our CELAR students have full access to the DSH library and online academic resources, our kitchen and workspaces, participate in an Agadir orientation, and are welcomed by the entire Dar Si Hmad team. While Dar Si Hmad charges a small fee for these services, our assistance can help decrease common costs associated with housing and other living expenses. Our CELAR participants experience a tight-knit and open-hearted community, a dedication to our work, and a warm Moroccan welcome, all while gaining measurable skills and working hard. 

Language School

DSH language students have the opportunity to study Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (Darija), Modern Standard Arabic, Tashelheet, and Hassaniya, the language of the Sahara. Our school language school is accredited by MACECE, the Moroccan American Commision for Education and Cultural Exchange, as a post-secondary accredited educational institution, and all dialects of Arabic Language study is Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA)-eligible.  In the past, we’ve hosted and taught for credit both FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) and NSLI-Y (National Security Language Initiative for Youth) students at our Language school.

Research Support

Dar Si Hmad hosts graduate level researchers investigating issues that are relevant to their own interests as well as DSH’s work.  Past projects have included freedom of press in Morocco, environmental peacebuilding, single motherhood, Family law and its reform, and domestic violence and marriage, initiated by hard-working Fulbright recipients,  MA/MPH candidates, and PhD students.


As a component of our CELAR program, Dar Si Hmad hosts both Moroccan and international students to contribute to DSH’s critical work in Southwest Morocco. Our interns participate in cutting-edge, hands-on work tailored to their interests and skill sets, in all aspects of the organization, from grant-writing, event planning, media outreach, to program facilitation. Past interns have also prioritized their internship around a specific project, such as creating educational content for the Water School, organizing language and writing sessions with RISE participants, volunteering during COP 22, or engaging in translation work. Dar Si Hmad also offers the option job-shadowing as a part of the internship program. We encourage you to check out the blog of our former intern Sophie , as well as our blog which often features posts by our interns.


While DSH is unable to offer paid internships,  we are able to provide the same benefits and advantages offered to researchers and language students in CELAR including assistance finding housing, transportation, and academic and logistical support. However, all costs associated with living and transportation are assumed by the intern. 

Get involved!

If you are interested in working with Dar Si Hmad as an intern, studying in our language school, or using DSH as a home-base for your research, please contact with a summary of your experience and your areas of interest.