Ethnographic School

Our Ethnographic School not only provides field experience, but life-changing experience.

Study abroad, participate in classes, live with a local family, learn a new language, or volunteer in Southwest Morocco

Dar Si Hmad invites international researchers and students to be a part of our inspiring work with local communities by facilitating academic and cultural programs, service learning, homestays, and language classes in Modern Standard Arabic, Darija, Tashelheet, and Hassaniya. With offices in both Agadir and Sidi Ifni, Dar Si Hmad is perfectly located to support students and researchers as they explore the rich socio-cultural heritage of southwestern Morocco. Partnering with us not only offers students a unique opportunity to engage with local populations and participate in locally-driven development initiatives, but also creates a platform for innovative dialogue and international research on a traditionally underrepresented region of Morocco.

To Teachers and Partners:

Leaving the classroom is a highlight of anthropology. Experiencing different realities, living amidst locals, sharing in the complexity of the political process, engaging in the arts and social events, getting to be the “other” who experiences the world differently, these are the goals of the Dar Si Hmad Ethnographic School.

Each one of our modules delves into a structure or expression of life in Southwestern Morocco, in particular the Aït Baamrane region.  These units are locally-rooted but we open ourselves to global issues and fundamental theoretical questions by focusing on the intersections where they meet. The courses combine learning through experience, immersion, conferences, debates, and classroom instruction, all of which intend to give students the opportunity to gain exposure to a different culture in intimate ways. Our courses have a multidisciplinary approach and make human and cultural exchange their ultimate goals.

Dar Si Hmad will develop unique programs built around the professors’ and students’ interests aligned with the following themes:

1. Environment, Subsistence and Sustainable Development

2. Globalization and Local Economies

3. Contemporary Expressions of Culture

4. Gender and Society in Regional Contexts

5. Cuisine, Dance, Art, and Expression

Past programs have included activities and discussions on Amazigh history and literature, argan production and the impact of female-owned cooperatives in this region, colonialism, trade routes and transaction practices, rural livelihoods, gender, religion, perceptions of healing and water, and portraits of a culture including cuisine, expressions, and rituals. Programs provide opportunities to exchange with Moroccan university students, rural villagers, cooperative workers, academics, and professionals on the issues that affect them all.

To Students and Guardians:

Dar Si Hmad offers an experience that goes beyond an ethnographic school. You can discover the world, experience a challenge, and discover who you are at the same time. Our programs are instructive, our drivers are professionals and safety is our priority, our healthy and delicious food is prepared in house, by our Chef, Hadda who loves to introduce students to authentic Moroccan cuisine and local specialties.

The testimony of our previous participants speaks for itself about the  transformative experience we provide.