Micro Project


By micro-project, DSH identifies an initiative designed with one, some or all of the following criterion:

  • It happens within a fixed and / or short time-frame
  • It services a limited number of participants and / or beneficiaries
  • It builds its program on precise topic and searches for unique projects
  • It carries an added communal and individual value
  • It utilizes various funding sources: be they in kind or monetary
  • It proves its positive environmental impacts and/or potential of impact
  • It has the possibility of being reproducible and scaled up for more beneficiaires, communities and carrying the same positive environmental impact

Since 2014, Dar Si Hmad, a not-for-profit association, has put together and delivered, either alone or with partners, innovative initiatives thanks to the commitment of donors who saw the value of such actions. Today we have a repertoire of successful initiatives that were delivered to researchers, associations, students and the general public; this is how we sustain our commitment to our communities.

dar si hmad micro project


For 10 years DSH has been working in the field of education, education defined here in a very broad sense; some stand-alone initiatives or in cooperation with others, like Celebrating my Culture (April 2019), Photography Competition (May 2017), Everyone Wins Project (with Search for Common-Ground), RegenBox project (Battery regeneration, June 2018), in addition to targeted actions with partner associations in Agadir and region, in Ifni and region and in the countryside that we particularly hold close to our hearts.

Our roadmap is to continue unabated on this same path, with the vision of welcoming and organizing initiatives that will yield a more equitable world. We invite you to support us, follow us and write to us with your ideas.