Highlights of our Education Programs:
RISE, THRIVE, & The Environmental Youth Ambassadors (EYAs)

The class of 2015-2016 was comprised of 173 students and vocational trainees whose lives were transformed through a variety of learning and experiential opportunities at Dar Si Hmad


Dar Si Hmad utilizes innovative pedagogy and alternative learning methods.


Seven remarkable RISE participants were selected as leaders with the mission to be ambassadors of the environment among youth, empowering their millennial age peers to work toward environmental protection.


With a highly measurable impact, our trainees leave programs feeling a clarity of purpose and empowered with the knowledge that they can make change.

The Issue:

Traditionally, the transmission of knowledge and skills has been at the heart of human survival, prosperity, and growth. It is the “secret” to sustainability and adaptation.

Successive generations inherit, enrich, and transform knowledge as as a  legacy to the next generation in a cycle of perpetual renewal. This immense accumulated body of knowledge is the world’s wealth.  But today our modern world operates differently than those traditional structures; our knowledge is formalized and passed on by schools and institutions. Access to this knowledge remains, in many ways, limited.

Despite these hurdles, young people are thirsty for knowledge and seek to strengthen their skills, not only to prepare for the workforce, but because they want fulfillment, as they themselves have often told us. Dar Si Hmad’s mission is educational, and it has designed its initiatives with dedication and passion.

RISE and THRIVE Programs

Rise & Thrive — two words that describe the actions of progressing and flourishing.

Since 2013, every year Dar Si Hmad has offered a training program for students and apprentices residing in Agadir. Workshops, lectures, and personal and professional development activities are spread over 8 months totaling 250 contact hours.

The RISE program began in 2013 with a small staff and monthly meetings. In the 2015-2016 season, we trained 80 young people, organized a competition for the best project implemented, and evaluated each project for levels of analysis and comprehensiveness.

RISE & THRIVE in numbers: moving forward and flourishing

supervisors: professionals, HR managers, young project leaders and inspirational speakers
projects by students and vocational trainees
proposals selected, 4 prizes awarded to the winning teams
An assured path to success in the workplace, a transformative experience that can't be quantified

Environmental Youth Ambassadors — EYAs

Following a competitive selection process, seven “Young Ambassadors for the Environment” were selected from the RISE class of 2015-2016. The ambassadors were required to demonstrate leadership skills and a commitment to justice, fairness, and the environment.

The mission for the Environmental Youth Ambassadors, is  to start a call to action targeting youth, to instill awareness of environmental degradation, and to promote better environmental stewardship. Through the use of social networks and original audiovisual content, the EYAs have had a very active presence in the region of Agadir.  The first edition of the EYA initiative was spread over 7 months and officially ended with their participation at COP22 in Marrakech, but future EYAs will begin a new program with the same passion and dedication in 2017.