Si-Hmad Derhem (1909-1982)
A native of Taloust, a village in the Aït Baamrane region of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Si-Hmad Derhem made his fortune in commerce early in his life. By the end of the 1930s, his enterprise and commitment had contributed significantly to the growth of his native region despite a difficult political climate. The founders of Dar Si Hmad took inspiration from the moral principles of Si-Hmad Derhem, a gifted, inquisitive, and self-taught individual. He had a strong sense of solidarity and facilitated access to and diffusion of knowledge among his people.
With his force of character, he initiated and developed a system of mutual and communal aid which improved the living conditions for, and with the participation of, the people of Aït Baamrane and the Sahara. Si-Hmad Derhem’s successors created the Derhem Foundation, Dar Si Hmad’s major trust-fund, in order to promote his values and pass on his precious legacy. The life of Si-Hmad Derhem was greatly affected by the major events that left their mark on the history of the region. Having actively shaped this history himself, Si-Hmad Derhem and his legacy live on in the memory of the people of southwestern Morocco.

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