Vision & Mission


Enable sustainable livelihoods and create opportunities for low-resource communities to learn and prosper.

Mission :

Dar Si Hmad promotes local culture and creates sustainable initiatives through education and the integration and use of scientific ingenuity, within the communities of Southwest Morocco.

Fields of Activity :

Education :

With cross-cutting themes and a primarily environmental focus, Dar Si Hmad delivers educational programming promoting a better understanding and management of our natural resources. We build our initiatives to provide an intersection of ancestral knowledge of the natural world with modern science, science that makes the protection of biodiversity and life on earth its ultimate priority.

Capacity Building :

Our work with urban and rural children has convinced us that a commitment to youth is a vital priority for any future progress. Dar Si Hmad aims to teach Moroccan youth to learn with pleasure and to develop critical skills. Our support of women participants, especially in our fog project, serves as a model of how to engage in active listening and be the  catalyst for greater autonomy.

Exchange and cooperation :

Dar Si Hmad works to open up the region of Southwest Morocco to the possibility of intercultural exchange by encouraging and valuing indigenous languages, cultures, histories, arts, and artisanal practices.  Through the design of academic and research programs focused on Southwest Morocco, the promotion of South-South partnerships and academic and institutional relationships, we allow for greater access to, and knowledge of the region.