Vision & Mission


Enable sustainable livelihoods and create opportunities for low-resource communities to learn and prosper.

Mission :

Dar Si Hmad promotes local culture and creates sustainable initiatives through education and the integration and use of scientific ingenuity, within the communities of Southwest Morocco.

Fields of Activity :

Education :

With a strong environmental focus, Dar Si Hmad delivers a range of thematic educational programs that promote better understanding and management of our natural resources. We build our initiatives to include knowledge from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanistic approaches from local community members and international scholars alike.

Capacity Building :

Working with youth is vital for any future progress. Dar Si Hmad works with Moroccan youth to enjoy learning and to develop critical skills. Our support of women participants, especially in our fog project, serves as a model for women empowerment.

Exchange and cooperation :

Dar Si Hmad promotes intercultural exchange in southwest Morocco through academic and research programs, engages in south-south partnerships, relationships with various academic institutions, and in this prioritizes indigenous languages, cultures, histories, arts and artisanal practices.


Our Values :


Towards the other, of oneself and of our differences. It is the value of respect that endows our projects with force and tenacity


Honesty is vital for any NGO work, and for us integrity is the foundation of every action plan and reflection undertaken in DSH


Think outside the box, be on the look-out of new ideas and have the courage to try whatever the result


In order to bring projects to fruition, only discipline and commitment to work are able to lead us there


It is being that other person, identifying with feelings and with what unites us as humans