Water School

Water School: Environmental Education for Rural Youth

Our Water School is an environmental education program for youth, originally inspired from kids’ insatiable curiosity about our fog-project.

Since 2014, our program has taught youth about ecological stewardship and the importance of water. It brings together volunteers, educators, and environmentalists to inspire and empower the next generation.

The Importance of Environmental Education

Our Water School makes science accessible to children from Ait Bammrane, Dar Si Hmad’s birth place and the location of our fog-project. In addition to teaching about sustainable water practices, our program focuses on the water economy and how water shapes our environment. We cover topics related to reforestation, septic tanks, environmental toilets, hygiene and sanitation, and grey water. Since the region is isolated from the traditional political centers of environmental diplomacy, climate justice is also central topic of the Water School curriculum.
Likewise, in the interest of accessibility, all our materials and curriculum are open- source and available here. (insert hyperlink).

Our Approach

Our curriculum focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). We focus on both the local reality and broader global frameworks; we work to understand how local challenges relate to global conversations about the environment.

We also go beyond physical science to approach water from multiple disciplines. Rather than understanding water as simply a part of the “natural” world, separate from humanity, we focus on how water is inseparable from culture, society, and our humanity. 

We prioritize active, applied learning with hands-on activities and games. Students are invited to make mistakes, develop creative projects, and work collaboratively.

Program Structure and Curriculum

After beginning with a single microscope, we now have a comprehensive, 10-lesson program in Darija, Arabic, and English. We coordinate with the schools of Ait Bamrane, as well as local parents, community members, and staff. We partner with the Delegation of the Ministry of Education.

A similar program developed by our German partner, Wasserstiftung, in Ghana inspired our program. Dar Si Hmad is currently working to expand the Water School in order to offer it to more children in the region.

Our partners:

  • The delegation of the Ministry of Education in Sidi Ifni and rural area schools
  • The rural municipalities of Tnine Amellou, Mesti and Tangra
  • Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities
  • Tifawin Institute
  • Captain Planet, Atlanta, Georgia
  • USA Embassy in Morocco
  • Kuwait Dive Team
  • The fundraising platform Global Giving to which anonymous donors, have generously given to support our work

And an important number of volunteers