Aissa Derhem
In September of 2019, the Dar Si Hmad team collaborated with several artists and organized a first-of-its-kind artist residency: focus on the sound of fog. Fog sound in the spotlight, playing with the Raiss and his Ribab, a mix of sounds emanating from the deepest corners of the Atlas mountains, cosmic notes with dissonant resonances.
This new adventure, the Rhizome Residency entitled Brouill-art, The Sound of Fog, is an event that DSH particularly cares for because, in addition to its unique artistic value, the event managed to mobilize a young public concerned with the environmental crisis our planet is experiencing. Today all possible means must be utilised to address the profound changes we are experiencing.
At Dar Si Hmad, this mindset is our core belief. We are today in the throes of a radical upheaval to our environment, and every effort must be made to not only understand but also imagine a future that works differently, a future that engages us not only as individuals, but as a group and a community.
we are continuing in our support to small and medium-sized associations in the Southwest as we strongly believe in civil society as a powerful means for positive change given how these associations are always grounded in local realities. We continue leading the charge and build all of our actions around more environmental awareness and how such steps need to be at all levels of decision-making. Our region’s ecosystem is incredibly rich, from the shores of the Atlantic ocean to the Atlas mountains and the plains teeming with life and beauty. We must take action so that progress and technical advancement do not mean destruction of this wealth. Indeed, these forms of life and all their diversity are the only true wealth, and we are all obligated to protect and honor this ecosystem. Join us in our efforts and thank you. At the association, we continue our environmental education that benefits children and students in Agadir, Sidi Ifni, and in the villages in Tnine Amellou, the rural county where we work;
Aissa Derhem
Written in Mai 2020 - President