Green Fridays

Launched at the beginning of 2020, every last friday of the month, we open the doors of our center to the public who comes to listen, learn, and debate with a professional from a presentation focusing on a broadly defined ecological subject. This initiative has quickly emerged as a place of exchange and reflection for all participants, a space for awareness but also for the creation of a new collective ecological dynamic in Agadir. Follow our news on Twitter and on Facebook.

NGO Capacity Building

Launched in September 2018 for a period of 12 months, this initiative was designed to help small NGOs, all registered in the Southwest region where we work, become stronger and more efficient. Thanks to the funding of a young American researcher, we made a call for tenders and recruited a dozen associations and, with the support of local, competent and committed supervisors, everyone learned how to master the mechanisms of optimal NGO management. Overall and following the final evaluation, the end result is a more united and active civil society. Consult and download our guide out of this project found in the “Our Publications” section and check our blogs for NGO participants.


Program GRACE

In the fall of 2018, DSH welcomed a young intern who had an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and, in response to a long-standing request from Benchekroun College, Agadir, we entrusted her with tutoring young girls in conversational English. Since that date, this program has become a feature of our support work in high schools. The subjects focus on ecological issues, although the intern is available to aid on various subjects. We also organize a study fair towards the end of each year and are always available to respond to students looking for opinions that think outside the box.


(meaning to grow, move up, arise)- Although the RISE program is not defined in the strict sense as being “micro” given how our very first pilot initiative of civic education launched in September 2013 trained a significant number of young people (+1000 people), we put it under this heading because its vision is to teach and implement ecological action. Every year since 2015, we have 2 sessions: Autumn (from October to January) and Spring (from February to May) where we offer theoretical and hands-on courses. To learn about and participate in the program follow our announcements and prepare your application, admission is selective.

Année Financement Thématique
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Civic Education

Green Entrepreneurship

Ecological Journalism

My Green High-School

In addition and over the years, we have organized 2 initiatives that had a profound impact on the participants as per their own acknowledgement, determining career choices for some of them. With this, we believe to have fulfilled our role as civil society actors in that we have opened up new vistas of reflection for young people. The 1st initiative being Environmental Youth Ambassadors (2015-2017) and participation in the UN model (2018).