Educational Farm Project

Agdal Id Achour Educational Farm Project

Agdal Brahim Id Aachour (ABA)

I - Project and context summary in a few key words

The heirs of the late Brahim Id Aachour donated land to Dar Si Hmad. The late Brahim Id Aachour and his ancestors plowed and lived on this land for centuries, but since the late 80s of the 20th century, due to the effects of repeated drought-seasons, the last of the Id Aachour household emigrated to the city in search of better living conditions.

With this plot of land in its trust, Dar Si Hmad’s new project is to revive this now dry, dessicated piece of land and transform it into a lush-green farm and a training ground in permaculture and agroecology.  Firstly, a didactic farm teaching young women and men of this Moroccan region in the southwest of Aït Baâmran threatened continuously by erosion, desertification and rural exodus.  And secondly, be the ground for a reforestation dynamic on the scale of this entire valley to give back to the traditional peasantry its noble social role. These are the goals this project plans on meeting.


II. First steps

Thanks to the optimal performance of CloudFishers, the association prides itself on having an excess of collected fog-water when compared to the communities’ needs. This blessed water is used now by DSH to water and give life to this land. The association is fully engaged in this project that consists of transforming rocky and arid terrain in the CR Tnine Amellou, Id Aachour, into an oasis, a didactic farm, for research and the fight against erosion and desertification. At the end of this initial phase, Agdal Ibrahim Id Aachour will be an autonomous and vibrant  ecosystem.

A first team observed and recorded starting in September 2018,  and today (as of April 2020), plans and work are well underway. With a new team, our terraces, as in older times, to which our neighbors contribute with labor and love, are now ready and our  our plants are starting to take root and our enthusiasm is limitless.

III. Goals

III-1. Long-term goals:

Just like a seed, the planting of a new dynamic for building and managing of an Oasis with a particular emphasis on water -saving techniques 

The creation of income generating activities for the local population

The establishment of a training center specializing in agroecology for arid regions, with specific South-South cooperation and exchange with Sahelian regions

Reverse the rural exodus

III-2. Short-term goals:

Fog water can also be successfully used for irrigation purposes

Create a humid point (the starting point for an oasis) to be an exemplar for the fight against desertification and for the soil’s regeneration

Encourage and assist villagers to adopt new agroecology techniques through demonstration and live examples

Curb the rural exodus

IV. Beneficiaries

IV-1. Villages of the Rural Commune of Tnine Amellou, Caidat Mesti, Province Sidi Ifni, Region Guelmim Oued Noun 
    • The residents around the project  of Agdal are the first beneficiaries as they are trained to become trainers capable of hosting and training volunteers.  This will help these communities in further developing the rural tourism.
    • The villagers will benefit from the seed-bank, for human food and animal fodder, as the grains would have time to adapt to the climatic conditions of the region
    • The first beneficiaries to distinguish themselves from the others by their enthusiasm, their will to change and improve their ways and that of  their region, will be trained to become the first “sowers”. The “sowers” or the women and men in charge will have the mission to sow the seeds they have raised but also to sow the seeds of change for the future of this region of the country.
    • In addition, the organization will teach each sower the radical water preservation techniques. The Agdal Brahim Id Aachour educational and didactic farm will thus serve as a center bringing together goodwill and the most inspired sowers and sowers.

V. Impact and Added Value

  • Soil regeneration
  • Establishment of sustainable farming practices
  • Valorization of ancestral agricultural practices 
  • Creation of economic opportunities (processed and raw products with high added value)
  • Valorization of knowledge, local traditions and customs
  • Reducing rural exodus

VI. Partners and funders

  • Id Aachour family and the surrounding community
  • The financial support of Dubai2020
  • Nzaha cooperative, Guelmim
IV-2. Students, volunteers, interns from Morocco and abroad
    • For participating students either at the CELAR, or at the EFS, Dar Si Hmad makes it possible for them to integrate ongoing projects or sign-up for permaculture design-workshops or agro-ecological training sessions. 
    • The farm is now being equipped with housing and will  offer short-stay accommodation and be a site for training, research and development with classrooms and conference spaces
    • True to the principles of permaculture, Dar Si Hmad cooperates with its partners to make this Agdal Ibrahim Id Aachour a welcoming space of exchange and environmental and spiritual enrichment.