Inspired by the Brundtland Report (1987), we define our development work as the ability to meet our needs without compromising those of the future generations. As a Foundation, we address the entrenched issue of access to water, poverty and basic education as a series of connected loops. We believe and practice a development in which equal care and respect are due to the human being and the larger sentient environment; there are but intricate connections between our organisms.

The Boutmezguida Fog waters the farm

The largest functioning fog collection project in the world, our system has brought positive transformations to the communities, particularly the women, and the environment.

Being the host to a revolutionary step in fog-collection technology, the CloudFisher designed by engineer Peter Trautwein, volunteer to the Wasserstiftung Foundation, and CEO of Aqualonis, have proven to be highly effective after an extended experimental period carried at our site Boutmezguida.

Our system is a forerunner in climate adaptation, the use of fog as a resource, with particular focus on supporting women in their role as water-guardians.

Dar Si Hmad participates in R&D in engineering, climate monitoring, while maintaining a close partnership with its beneficiary community.

The fog project has brought interest and a greater national and international visibility to the often overlooked region of Ait Baâmrane and Southwest Morocco.

Dar Si Hmad founded a Fog Research Center atop Mount Boutmezguida to ensure continuous scientific watch of fog and the nets.

The fog-collection project has been recognized nationally and internationally by many prizes and distinctions.

Dar Si-Hmad has been particularly recognized for its close-partnership with the beneficiary-participating communities.

In September 2019, Dar Si Hmad organized a musical and multi-media residency “Rhizome,” fog sounds, Raiss Ribab, and natural painting with grand performance “Brouill-art” to the grand public.

Drinking Fog is the winner of many prizes and distinctions:

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1st place for the Civil Society Prize, Morocco

In 2022

  • The Global Energy Award, Category Water Espoo, Finland
  • Finalist to the LiveTogether contest, South Korea 
  • Expo Dubai2020, Financial support for the extension of the fog-collection project to new communities 
In 2019

  • Access to essential services, Prize from Fondation Suez & Institut de France, Paris, France
  • Hassan II Prize for the Environment, Secretary of State to the Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, responsible for Sustainable Development, Morocco
  • Prize of Tamayuz (distinction), for the competition of "Initiatives in favor of rural women" organized by the Ministry of the Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development, Morocco
In 2018

  • Finalist for the Equator Prize, United Nations
  • Prize of Sustainable Education, International Education Organization, USA
In 2017

  • UNFCC Momentum for Change in September 2016, Prize at the occasion of the COP22 held in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Trophy Initiative Climat Afrique Francophone COP22
  • Prize ADEME, France COP22
  • Social science Prize, Fog Symposium, Poland
  • Selection of the project to participate in the Climate Day organized by the French Embassy in Morocco, Casablanca October 1st, 2016
In 2016

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