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For the Foundation of Dar Si Hmad,  culture covers two concomitant fields of signification, each one standing on its own, enriching the other, and both are essential, say vital, for a meaningful life.  

An anthropological understanding of culture as the sum of practices, beliefs, rituals that make the proper identity of any group.

An artistic understanding of culture as art, performance, music, dance, artifacts and other form of creation that bears the seal of the group in question.

And the intersection between the two in this case is celebrating the Amazigh culture as it thrives in this 21st century in Morocco, the sense of renaissance and pride in our identity, language, rituals, music, and knowledge. Like various world indigenous traditions, our Amazigh heritage suffered from periods of derision,  from silence, from orientalizing, to name just a few of the historically dominant attitudes.  However, like many indigenous communities, be it in Africa, Asia, Australia or the Americas, we have come back strong and we do occupy the stage now,  we claim our rights, perform our rituals, and are proud of who we are. 

On the 13th of January Dar Si Hmad organized a two-day event celebrating the New Amazigh year, traditionally associated with the launch of the agricultural year. 

 Laamart, in Amazigh meaning get together, celebration, and having everyone be present

3 major elements coalesced together to make of this event of Id Yanayer 2971 a significant cultural moment in the life of the organization:

The discussions, debates and exchange between scholars about the historical depth and important meaning of renewal of the 13th of January for the Amazigh communities.

The recipes and actual cooking of the special meals marking this event,  the symbolic evocation that each and every ingredient carries as well as their combination.

The Rebab music, the symbol of the renaissance of the Amazigh artistic movement and the young generation embracing and carrying such a movement.

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