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Abbar, Mounir

Fog-Water Project Manager

Mounir specializes in water within the development realm. He has over 25 years of experience in organizing, building and training rural communities in water related projects. He has worked with many international organizations based in Morocco, including CARE International and ADEFRAM and assisted villages directly in managing their water in a sustainable way. He has a degree in Physics, focusing on Fluid Mechanics (1991) from University Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech. Mounir joined Dar Si Hmad in 2014 to manage its innovative fog-collection project which he does with conviction and dedication.

Amayous, Noura

Educational Project Manager

Noura comes from a background of teaching in the Peace Corps as a Cultural Facilitator. Noura is very dedicated to civil society and to the mission of NGOs in general. She has a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Ben Abdellah in Fes, and takes to heart working on education in a very large sense, she is very enthusiastic and passionate about equity and diversity in education. Noura is originally from the Southeast of Morocco and brings a high commitment to her work at Dar Si Hmad.

Bargach, Jamila

Executive Director

Jamila is co-founder of Dar Si Hmad along with Dr. Aissa Derhem. An anthropologist with a PhD from Rice University, she has taught at the National School of Architecture in Rabat and worked at a number of NGOs in Morocco and overseas. Jamila has published several articles on adoption practices, unwed mothers, gender and development and the DSH fog-initiative. She is a lover of the South and truly believes that this region offers unique opportunities to learn about Morocco and to discover how applied development projects unfold in specific contexts.

Buzguar, Hadda

Hospitality Officer

Hadda was born and bred in Azrou, in the heart of the Middle Atlas and the cedar forests. She has worked in many hotels prior to joining Foundation Dar Si Hmad, and is passionate about sharing her culinary knowledge and traditional cultural practices with others. She has worked at Dar Si Hmad since 2012 and enjoys ensuring that our students, researchers, and visitors have the most positive experience, from sharing food to special celebrations during their stay. Her cooking and dishes are always rated as the most delicious and outstanding.

Ennassiri, Abderahmane

Logistics and Maintenance

Abderahmane was born in Agdz in the East part of Morocco. He worked in Casablanca as a gardener for a decade, until he joined Dar Si Hmad after its founding in 2010 ; he was its first employee. He strongly believes in Dar Si Hmad’s unique fog-collection project to which he has dedicated more than a decade. His professional driving has won him many acclaims from visitors and students. He brings passion, loyalty and enthusiasm to his work and his Sahrawi tea-pots, berrads, are quite famous with staff and visitors alike.

Ettaamari Kamal

Communication Officer

Kamal is a young Gadiri who is passionate about filmmaking and movies. Kamal brings with him more than 10 years of experience as a video editor, his work being recognized among associations in Agadir and region. After getting his BA in economics and finishing two years of English studies at Ibn Zohr University, he then continued at the UM6P completing a two year training in the field of human development and culture; now he integrates development with filmmaking. He joined Dar Si Hmad in October 2022 as a communication manager

Hamou-Ali, Mohammad

FOG-WATER Assistant

Mohammad is among the earliest beneficiaries of the fog collection project. Born and bred at the foot of Mount Boutmezguida, he intimately knows it, from its smallest sinews to its seedling Argan tree. Today, Mohammad specializes in building CloudFishers and is an essential liaison in DSH’s organic relationship with his community. Mohammad is a very resourceful person, quick-learner and very skilful, he loves and strongly cares about his region, he cannot see himself living anywhere else while other young people of his age dream emigrate to larger cities or overseas.

Ouafegha, Mustapha

Agdal Farm Manager

Mustapha Ouafegah was born in Bouizakarne in southern Morocco and grew up in a mountain village south of Tiznit. He studied in the Agricultural Qualification Center in Tiznit in 2007 where he specialized in vegetable production. In 2008 he had a second agricultural training specializing in polycultures and livestock breeding. In 2010 he joined the Institute of Agricultural Technologists in the city of Faqih Ben Saleh where he specialized in horticulture. Mustapha has 8 years of experience in producing and packaging vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs in Morocco and Tunisia.

Oubousken, Imane

Finance and Accounting

Imane Oubousken was born in Agadir, studied in Ecole supérieur de technologie and got her bachelor degree in banking and financial management, got one year of expérience in a call center to forge communication, Imane is really passionate about Tamazight language and culture, poetry , she has just joined the Dar Si Hmad and wants to bring her knowledge to contribute to the realization of projects for her native land.

Sussan, Housseine

Fog-Water Technician

Housseine was born and raised in the foothills of Boutmezguida, Morocco’s Anti-Atlas Mountains. He has participated, along with his community, in the building of the fog-water collection system on Mt. Boutmezguida when the project was first launched in 2011. Since then, he has become a part of the Dar Si Hmad team. Currently, he maintains the fog project, from the CloudFischers, pipes, meters and equally acts as a liaison with the households and communities for the Foundation’s projects in the region. Housseine is a hard working member of the team.



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